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I cover tech, art & culture, architecture, design, sustainability, urbanism, travel, retail and lifestyle. Hotel geek. AI obsessed. MA Environment & Development.

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New Scientist

CultureLab: Twitter as you've never tasted it before

Whether it’s the rise and proliferation of infographics from media buzzword to bestselling book, or the first Data Journalism Awards this year, data visualisation now pervades almost all disciplines, employed and celebrated as a means of conveying information effectively.

922094 culturelab the art of sustainability article
New Scientist

CultureLab: The art of sustainability

From the discarded scraps of society a painter creates works that question a culture of excess, or in the nooks of the modern urban world, an artist cultivates moss to reinvent the meaning of graffiti.

Natalie holmes article
New Scientist

CultureLab: How to turn a reservoir into a pipe organ

Jul 16, 2012 ... Natalie Holmes, contributor, Berlin, Germany. Natalie-Holmes.jpg (Image: Natalie Holmes). As I enter the underground cavern into darkness, ......

922098 culturelab exploring technology s dark side article
New Scientist

CultureLab: Exploring technology's dark side

Illuminated in a dark room, a black external hard drive is raised on a plinth. It’s only when viewers are told what the drive contains - five million dollars worth of illegally downloaded content, according to the copyright holders - that the artwork takes on meaning.

922100 culturelab bending waves of sound and light article
New Scientist

CultureLab: Bending waves of sound and light

A trip to the museum often involves absorption and reflection. Never more so than at Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof at the moment, where Ryoji Ikeda’s exhibition demonstrates the effects of the visitor’s presence upon sound and light waves in a spectacular interactive installation.

922099 culturelab transforming the city where to start  article
New Scientist

CultureLab: Transforming the city: where to start?

Why don’t we grow plants on the sides of skyscrapers? And why isn’t all this rainwater run-off used to irrigate them? Our modern urban environments spark countless ideas for innovation toward sustainability. But who’s really going to make them happen?

922096 culturelab talking and tinkering for a sustainable future article
New Scientist

CultureLab: Talking and tinkering for a sustainable future

Living sustainably is the modern-day holy grail. The idea has made it into every aspect of life from design innovation ......

922101 culturelab an antarctic marine biology underwater opera article
New Scientist

CultureLab: An Antarctic marine biology underwater opera

What links a scientific research station in Antarctica with a unique opera performance in Germany's capital?

922102 culturelab bauhaus is back article
New Scientist

CultureLab: Bauhaus is back

You might not know it, but many of the objects and interfaces that surround you are based on the design principles of an artistic movement that started in Germany almost 100 years ago.

922128 culturelab what will we eat in future  article
New Scientist

CultureLab: What will we eat in future?

I was understandably apprehensive - if not a little curious - about an evening that came with the warning "may contain body parts".