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Chatbots Can Help Us Talk To Animals — How We Get To Next

“Don’t be afraid. Enjoy yourself. It’s not forever.”
If I could talk to my dog while he’s at the kennel, that’s what I’d say. Eight short, simple words—a few huge, abstract concepts. Of all the mind-blowing applications offered by the Animal Internet, I keep coming back to this one emotional exchange.

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Future Challenges Project

Eviction, Harassment and a Life in Limbo: Halima’s Story

I went to see Halima on a sunny Friday morning. She lives in a pretty, quiet and orderly town—which made the clutter of white goods piled on the lawn of her home all the more disconcerting.

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Berlin Residents Pool Their Money To Buy City’s Electricity Grid

What if you owned a share of your city’s electricity grid? Along with your fellow citizens, you could decide where your energy comes from, how much it costs and even receive a portion of the profits each year.

H1 article

Art as Therapy - Volunteering at Hangar 1

Among art therapy’s well-documented benefits is the establishment of a safe space, both literal and figurative, wherein children can feel a sense of control over their environment. And though what’s happening at Tempelhof is not art therapy in any technical sense, there’s no doubt that these workshops are therapeutic.

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Bringing Nature To Workplace Design

Constantly connected and predominantly urban, many of today’s workers might agree that we’re all suffering from “nature-deficit disorder.”

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Marriott Traveler

Immersive Travel: Go Beyond Borders and Engage with Refugees in ...

The people forced to flee their homes come from all walks of life: teachers, students, doctors, scientists, artists. Their narrative is not a single one, and each individual’s identity transcends that of “refugee,” which is why their voices should not go unheard or be misrepresented.

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Wearable Tech Within The Workplace

In 2015, the Human Cloud at Work study by Goldsmiths University found the huge volume of data produced by a wearable-enhanced workforce could be leveraged in a number of ways, from identifying better physical improvements to the workplace to coordinating better shift patterns, improved hot-desking, and even pinpointing downtime trends.

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Tech Spotlight: From AI to AR, Emerging Tech Will Transform How We Collaborate

Collaboration is more than a buzzword. It’s at the heart of successful business—and never more so than right now, as expertise evolves and disciplines merge into each other.

How europes cities are cutting air pollution article

Goodbye cars? Why Europe's cities are cleaning up their act - JLL ...

Across Europe cities are taking urgent steps to cut rising levels of air pollution from congested urban areas.

Indias commute could be getting greener article

How India’s commute could be getting greener

On any weekday morning in India’s big cities traffic jams stretch back as far as the eye can see as commuters slowly make their way into the office.

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Is Boston the Smartest City?

Almost every object in a city can now be fitted with a sensor or GPS, which can be used to gather additional layers of information as well as allowing the devices to interact with each other and respond in real time – an infrastructure practice to truly make the city “smarter.”

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3D Printed Robots Will Save The World – Dose

Across the world, from Greece to Guatemala; Illinois to Iran, people are assembling life-size humanoid robots. They’re creating a legion of AI-powered clones that anyone with access to a 3D printer can build.

Chat article

Chatbots Will Change Your Life But They Won’t Be Your Friend

If you’ve noticed Siri getting quietly smarter, that’s just the start. Chatbots look set to replace apps, infiltrate our homes and predict our every desire. They might even free us from the trappings of the web.

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Wearable tech: The new tool for the modern construction workforce ...

From exoskeletons to augmented reality goggles, wearable tech is coming to construction sites – and helping to improve safety, efficiency and morale.

Gkm article

Sculpting a new meaning of 'life': genetics in the 21st century

While deep-rooted cultural signifiers like tradition, religion and politics leave us unable to agree on basics such as the point when human life begins, scientists have been busy pushing the boundaries of our already vague definitions.