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Natalie Holmes

Tech, culture & cities

I cover tech, art & culture, architecture, design, sustainability, urbanism, travel, retail and lifestyle. Hotel geek. AI obsessed. MA Environment & Development.

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Meaning 2016: Timely Inspiration

Meaning Conference has been going since 2012, but this year, the event seemed to slot perfectly into so many conversations happening across the world, globalised as we are. Curated and co-directed by economist, journalist and author Paul Mason, the day-long forum provided timely and fertile grounds for discussing some of the most pressing issues of the moment.

One planet article

Post Growth: Towards a One-Planet Lifestyle — Medium

Once upon a time a started a blog about sustainability. There, you can follow along with my journey from naive optimism to the point where I lose interest almost entirely and turn my attention to lighter, more digestible topics.

Mmm article

Mindfulness, Museums and Memory: Creating Truly Transformative Travel Experiences — Medium

Knowing your stuff is crucial when you’re meeting with a group of academics and experts. But equally important is the ability to decompress, to rest the mind and be ready and energised for each busy day.