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I cover tech, art & culture, architecture, design, sustainability, urbanism, travel, retail and lifestyle. Hotel geek. AI obsessed. MA Environment & Development.

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Gkm article

Sculpting a new meaning of 'life': genetics in the 21st century

While deep-rooted cultural signifiers like tradition, religion and politics leave us unable to agree on basics such as the point when human life begins, scientists have been busy pushing the boundaries of our already vague definitions.

Infarm article

Inside Berlin’s Food Revolution

Emerging from a tumultuous 20th century as Europe’s creative hub, Berlin remains at the vanguard, from its thriving startup scene to its influential art world. But among the most important of innovations coming out of the German capital right now is a local food revolution.

Hkw anthropozaen eroeffnung rugar2 1024x863 article

Is the Anthropocene a Doomsday Device?

The absurdity of the scene can’t have escaped everyone in the room.

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An Ecosystem of Excess

We’ve all heard by now the horrifying story about an island of plastic debris the size of Central Europe that’s congregated in the ocean somewhere between east Asia and north America.

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Joining the Universal Orchestra

Google's Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum #London

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Science at the Singapore Biennale

During a visit in the early nineties, William Gibson called Singapore “Disneyland with the Death Penalty”: a sterile, paranoid metropolis whose citizens paid a high price for their spotless, crime-free Utopia.

Img 70081 1024x682 article

A Sine of the Times: Berlin's Most Minimal Record

When it comes to having your ribs rattled by low frequency sine waves blasted through subwoofers, some people are clearly more comfortable with the experience than others.

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Book Review: 'Distrust that Particular Flavor' by William Gibson

Okay, perhaps prescience is too strong a word – it’s not like he’s running a sideline in beating the bookies...