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I cover tech, art & culture, architecture, design, sustainability, urbanism, travel, retail and lifestyle. Hotel geek. AI obsessed. MA Environment & Development.

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Smart cities revolutionising the urban experience teaserverybigrectangle article

Smart Cities: Revolutionising The Urban Experience

As we move through cities - on foot, by car, or on public transport - we generate a wealth of data, often via smartphone, but also through information captured by sensors and other infrastructural devices. Within this data sits a latent resource that local authorities and businesses alike can leverage to make cities more sustainable, liveable and efficient.

Floating farm teaserlargerectangle article

The Rise of Urban Agriculture

Urban farming is traditionally a small-scale endeavor, but the innovations that have arisen from this experimental phase are now providing viable projects that can grow unprecedented amounts of food within the city core.

Across Europe and the US, from Berlin to Brooklyn, such enterprises hold the promise of a more sustainable and scalable solution to feeding city populations.

The power of pop ups teaserverybigrectangle article

The Power of Popups

The brands answering emerging demand for innovative real-world spaces.

Where d you park the car teaserverybigrectangle article

Parking by Phone

How parking apps and automotive tech are changing the urban landscape.