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Natalie Holmes

Tech, culture & cities

I cover tech, art & culture, architecture, design, sustainability, urbanism, travel, retail and lifestyle. Hotel geek. AI obsessed. MA Environment & Development.

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Berlin Residents Pool Their Money To Buy City’s Electricity Grid

What if you owned a share of your city’s electricity grid? Along with your fellow citizens, you could decide where your energy comes from, how much it costs and even receive a portion of the profits each year.

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3D Printed Robots Will Save The World – Dose

Across the world, from Greece to Guatemala; Illinois to Iran, people are assembling life-size humanoid robots. They’re creating a legion of AI-powered clones that anyone with access to a 3D printer can build.

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Chatbots Will Change Your Life But They Won’t Be Your Friend

If you’ve noticed Siri getting quietly smarter, that’s just the start. Chatbots look set to replace apps, infiltrate our homes and predict our every desire. They might even free us from the trappings of the web.